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John and Moyses

Let me tell you a story. I was in Cleveland in 2002 giving a talk on “Doulas and Collaborative Work”. Five minutes before the beginning of the talk in Case Western – to doulas, midwives and obstetricians… who shows?

Yes…John Kennell himself, the guy who “invented” doulas. My personal hero, the guy who, along with Marshal and Phillys Klauss, unlocked the power of doulas to improve birth outcomes.

He kindly introduced himself to me – as if I didn’t know him from books and pictures – and made me this question:

– So you are from Brazil. Do you know Dr. Moysés Paciornik?

I responded:

– Yes, he is my friend in Brasil and much that I know from humanization of childbirth comes from his book “Learn how to birth with the natives from Brasil”. He is the “pope of squatting birth” and a sweet guy in his 80s.

He smiled at me and said something that I will never forget:

– He is the greatest obstetrician in the world.

I totally agree… even after 15 years.


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