Real Threat

Eu concordo com Chomsky…. a Coreia do Norte não é uma ameaça ao mundo; os Estados Unidos o são. Minha opinião sobre as bombas produzidas e lançadas pela Coreia do Norte é a seguinte:

“The only reason North Korea still exists is the fact the they are able to built atomic artifacts and spend more than half of their GDP on the military (like the US). Don’t forget that 60 years ago 1/3 of their CIVIL population was killed by American bombing. 1 out of 3 people – like you and me – were killed by Americans. Wouldn’t you create any possible device to protect you and your people for the next attack?

Last year USA bombed 7 different countries, with 26 thousand missiles, in search for oil. One million Iraqis were killed in the American invasion; thousands are being killed in Afganistan, Libia and Syria. Why would americans preserve North Korea from complete “free market” destruction?

The missile launched is a warning. If America attacks North Korea millions will die. But the question is: in those 60 years how many countries were attacked by this tiny asian country?

If you were a North Corean, wouldn´t you do the same to protect your country and your family?”

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