Rocket Man

Why do american people so easily condemn Kim, the president of North Korea? Why do you think he is a “horrible dictator”? Where do you get reliable information about his behavior or his attitudes? In America’s newspapers? The same “free press” that said Iraq had “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to justify a tragic invasion? Fox News?

How many countries do you think “the crazy Kim” invaded in the last 60 years? How many bombs USA droped last year over sovereign countries? The answer to these 2 questions is “zero and 26k”. Yes… 26.000 bombs in 7 countries…. in 2016!!!!

Why a country that never posed a threat to any of its neighbors in more than six decades is a threat to world peace? Why do you think North Korea is a dangerous country for having atomic weapons but Israel is not? Analise the invasions and massacres perpetuated by Israel in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and the genocide, ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism of Palestine and compare to North Korea and tell me who is the “evil dangerous dictator”: Kim or Netanyahu?

Remember: if North Korea didn’t have the bomb what would stop Americans to destroy this small country like they did to Japan, Lybia, Iraq, Afganistan or Syria? The bomb exists in North Korea BECAUSE of America’s imperialism.

Trump is Darth Vader and Kim is Luke Skywalker. But all you know about the possible war is from a newspaper published in the Death Star. Try thinking outside the box.

What kind of information do we have about the real life of people in North Korea? And…. by the way, what kind of freedom people have in Saudi Arabia, the dear friend of US of A? Shall we bomb the Saudis as well? How about Brazil, that is under civil dictatorship right now. Are the American government ok with that? Shall they bomb us to restore our “democracy”?

Obviously I agree with many experts that North Korea must have great problems concerning democracy. But why that specific dictatorship is a threat, and Saudi Arabia is not considered an insult to freedom os speech? And how could Cuba and North Korea have a “life of roses” with comfort and happiness while they are under a blockade by USA for decades?

My question is: why it is so easy to condemn Korea with almost NO real and reliable information about the country and why do americans treat like an enemy a country that never attacked any neighbor in six decades?

Sorry if I seem furious, but my only concern is that people in United States are being manipulated AGAIN by the media to believe that a country is a real threat to the Empire. Let me tell you something about that: this country is not North Korea. The real danger to world peace lies is a place between Canada and Mexico.

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