Bad choices

That’s how Americans can be stupid to their bones. That would be the same if, to fight Bolsonaro, we decide to compliment Temer.

You must be kidding. For sure Trump is a psychopath and unfit for the presidency, but Obama is one of the most prominent killers and murderers of the White House. SEVEN countries heavily bombed during his time as “commander in chief”. Thousands of women and children killed in search for cheap oil. Entire countries like Iraq (where he continued and maintained the warfare), Libia, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and many others were turned into ashes. Millions of lives were destroyed.

So the fact that he didn’t cheat on his wife (and you don’t really know if that is true) make him a good president? Seriously? So…. keep in mind that a month ago Jerry Falwell was such a noble and devoted Christian.

Obama was a total failure if we consider his weakness to stop the Empire to destroy lives, countries and the idea of a peaceful world.

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